A Look At The Cruise Line – Celebrity Cruises

Celebrity Cruises are special cruise lines with a semi-formal atmosphere. These types of cruise lines are specially designed for celebrities. They are  equipped with excellent food, service, and attention to details. Celebrity Cruises are often awarded with the coveted “5 star” ratings. Art auctions, arts, dance classes and crafts, pool, volleyball, golf putting, bridge lessons, bingo, and trapshooting are just some of the many activities that Celebrity Cruises offer. Continue reading “A Look At The Cruise Line – Celebrity Cruises”

A Guide to Taking Your Dream Mediterranean Cruise!

A Mediterranean cruise is without doubt the most varied type of cruise available. There are more than 120 seaports around the Mediterranean coastline, offering numerous combinations of cruise vacations over one-week, two-week or longer trips…

A huge clash of cultures await all who opt for a Mediterranean cruise. You can visit no less than 17 different countries, including such nations as Spain, Italy, Greece and Egypt. Each nation has its own unique attractions, all of which you can sample as your cruise ship gracefully sails around the calm blue Mediterranean Sea… Continue reading “A Guide to Taking Your Dream Mediterranean Cruise!”

A Guide To Caribbean Cruises

Planning to go on a Caribbean cruise? You need to decide two things in advance – when you’re going and where. Read on for useful information to help you make those choices. This a guide to Caribbean Cruises.

A Guide to Caribbean CruisesMany people say that the Caribbean islands are best enjoyed during summer, but keep in mind that Caribbean cruises during this time are usually jam packed. This is when families, tour groups, and even corporate assemblies prefer to visit the islands, so if you’re planning to join the pack, be sure to book your cruise in advance. The average cruise length is about seven days. Continue reading “A Guide To Caribbean Cruises”

A Disney Cruise – The Perfect Compromise

A Disney Cruise is the perfect compromise; many parents of small children find that their idea of a dream holiday differs somewhat from that of the children. For kids from tiny babies up to teenagers, the world of Disney holds an appeal that is universal. While this is Disney Cruisegreat for the kids, and the parents would have a great time too, many adults would prefer to go on a relaxing cruise vacation. The luxury and opulence of this lifestyle appeals to many but when sacrifices are to be made, it is the parents who usually end up making them.

Disney, being the clever company that they are, have managed to provide both parents and children with their holiday of their dreams, combining the magical world of Disney characters with a cruise holiday. These Disney cruises offer families the best of both worlds and ensure that all of the members of the family have a holiday never to forget. Continue reading “A Disney Cruise – The Perfect Compromise”

New Cruise Ships Coming in 2023

If you are a veteran cruiser or just curious about cruising, the year 2023 will be introducing many new cruise ships for you to consider when planning a cruise vacation. Call your travel agent and ask about the cruise lines and their new cruise ships and then book a cruise vacation. Here is a cruise review of the new cruise ships additions.

Highlights include another new Carnival cruise ship (with a roller coaster!); and multiple new ships from MSC Cruises, both in the mainstream and — for the first time — the luxury category.

Other big cruise ship milestones to watch for: the last of the Celebrity Edge Class ships, Celebrity Ascent; a second Prima Class ship from NCL, Norwegian Viva and Resilient Lady, the next “lady ship” from Virgin Voyages. Continue reading “New Cruise Ships Coming in 2023”