What to Look for When Buying the Right Tent for Your Needs

What to look for when buying the right tent for your needs; Buying a tent is not as simple as going to the store and picking out one in your favorite color. There are a few more details you need to take into consideration when purchasing a tent. For example, what type of weather will you be camping in? How many people is it for? And last but not least, will you be out in the wilderness or close to a main city? Continue reading “What to Look for When Buying the Right Tent for Your Needs”

What to Do When It Rains While Camping

What to do when it rains while camping? Just as you need to plan like crazy while camping, you need to plan just as much for the unthinkable – rain. There are many things that you can do impromptu if it rains, but it is also an excellent idea to be prepared for a rainy night or day in advance.

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What to Do When It Rains While CampingEach family member should have a say about what he or she might like to do if it rains while out camping. Some of your family members may still like to participate in a boat ride or fishing if it is just drizzling a bit, while others may prefer the safety and warmth of the tent.

It is important to discuss this beforehand and let each family member know that he or she is responsible for bringing along something to keep them occupied if it does rain. Depending on the campsite, wireless internet and phone signals may not be a possibility. Continue reading “What to Do When It Rains While Camping”

Top Health Benefits of Camping

If you are considering going camping Top Health Benefits of Campingfor the first time, chances are that you are consumed with where to go, what to bring, and any and every emergency situation that you can think of in your head. However, did you know that camping also offers health benefits? That’s right – camping can be good for your mind, body and spirit if you do it right. After you read this post you will be aware of top health benefits of camping.

Being aware of the health benefits of camping is the first step. Once the stress of packing is over, camping offers many beneficial ways to improve your health. Continue reading “Top Health Benefits of Camping”

Real Honest-to-Goodness Camping

For many families, camping includes a long list of things to bring – everything from tweezers to your iPad. However, real honest-to-goodness camping requires very little. If you are seeking the real campingReal Honest-to-Goodness Camping experience, there are some things you need to know and a lot of things you can leave behind.

Real, honest-to-goodness camping requires a bit of bravery and a lot of determination to pull off, but once you have gone camping with a minimal amount of stuff, you may never go back to long lists and over-packing again. Continue reading “Real Honest-to-Goodness Camping”