Packing For Your Vacation to Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida

For many, a vacation to Walt Disney World is a dream come true. Children and adults both love the wealth of activities available at the world famed amusement park. As your vacation approaches you may be contemplating what to pack. The following list will help you plan and pack so you can focus on enjoying your vacation. Start to consider packing for your vacation to amusement park in Orlando, Florida.

Seasonal Considerations

Packing for your vacationOrlando, Florida is a warm and humid climate. That means in most months of the year that shorts are appropriate. In fact, even in the traditionally colder months of December, January, and February you may find the temperatures are moderate enough for shorts and summer clothing. However, if you are visiting the park during these months then know that it does get colder at night and you’ll likely want pants and a jacket.

During the particularly warmer months of the year, June, July, and August be prepared for heat. It’s normally in the upper 80’s and 90’s with humidity above 80%. You’ll want to pack for the heat including a swimsuit or two so you can take a dip during the heat of the day.


In addition to the basic amusement park clothes that you’ll want like shorts and t-shirts, you may also want to pack the following items:

* Comfortable shoes – You’ll do a lot of walking and standing at the park

* Hat – Protect yourself from the sun

* Windbreaker/Sweatshirt – It can be cool in the evenings

* Sunglasses – Protect your eyes from the sun

* Dressier Clothing – Walt Disney World has some fine dining restaurants that require different attire. If you plan on visiting one of these restaurants make sure you have appropriate clothing.

* Swimsuit – Enjoy the many pools and water parks

* Poncho – It tends to rain in the afternoon in Florida during the warmer months. Bring a poncho. The park sells them but they’re quite expensive.


* Camera – Record the memories from the trip.

* Autograph book – Do you have children? They’ll want to get autographs from Mickey Mouse. It can be a fun activity for children.

* Water bottle – It’s hot and you can get thirsty quickly. The cost of drinks can add up quickly. If you want to save money, consider bringing a bottle for water.

* Snacks – Easy to carry snacks ensure you don’t bust the budget and you don’t get hungry.

* Chargers – Carry a cell phone or note pad? You’ll want to remember your wall adapter and charger.

* Small first aid kit – Disney has excellent first aid stations but if you can take care of a cut or blister yourself, why not avoid the hassle?

Packing for Disney isn’t tricky. The weather is relatively moderate and accommodations are easily found. If you forget something, chances are you’ll be able to but it at the park. Pack well and you can avoid any unexpected purchases and potential discomfort.

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