Honeymooners Ready to Go to Great Honeymoon Destinations

Make it one of the most unforgettable moments of your life. Your honeymoon – that first night you are together as a married couple – should have its lasting imprints in your head. After all, the honeymoon is definitely far from your first date, from his proposal, and even from the wedding ceremony. Honeymooners, here are some of the great honeymoon destinations you can explore:

Hawaii. The land of the roaring volcanoes, Hawaii’s fire will add to the fire on your honeymoon. The white sand beaches, Great Honeymoon Destinationsthe blue-green waters, the tropical weather, top-of-the-line hotels, plus their wide array of luxury services are like appetizers on the main dish.

Go chic and sleek in the city. Visit major cities like New York City and visit the Empire State Building and the Statue of Liberty. Dine at the city’s fancy restaurants, shop and join in the evening revelry and parties.

For those hoping to get a tan and enjoy the cool waters of the ocean, Florida is the place to go. Explore the beaches of Miami and go romantic at Walt Disney World for Couples in Orlando, Florida.

Known as the place to go for on-the-spot, one-night, instant weddings, Las Vegas is all about colorful lights, loud sounds and endless casinos. Stay at world-class hotels like the Bellagio, Mirage and Ceasar’s Palace.

Go for a winter honeymoon and play in the snow in the snow-capped mountains of Austria, Switzerland, and Tremblant in Canada. Ski or follow the cross-country trails during the day and cozy up in cabins with big fireplaces, sipping hot chocolates in the evening.

Go on a romantic tour in Europe. You’ve always wanted to go to Paris, one of the world’s most romantic places and see the Eiffel Tower. Now is the time to do it. Drop by the Sistine Chapel and visit any of the museums and art galleries in Italy. Don’t miss the fancy restaurants and cafes and the Gondola ride. Live in a castle for a week in misty England.

Go East. Thailand offers the perfect summer honeymoon. Great Honeymoon Destinations 2The beaches and the natural greenery are a wonderful break from the hustles and bustles of city life. Explore the Oriental flavor and visit India, center of one of the oldest civilizations of the world. The colorful muslins, the spicy, aromatic cuisine, the beaches, the scenery and the exotic flavor of Oriental heritage are nice explorations for newly-weds.

Go wild and go Down South – Australia. The Australian wilderness, the kangaroo, the koalas and the flora and fauna of this country are ideal for the outdoor, rugged couple. The outback, its rolling hills and the lush pasture lands offer a fresh setting. There are also beaches, wineries and vineyards to visit and city explorations to be made.

And if you want to experience a different place, with the promise of tranquility and the assurance of a luxurious accommodation, head off to Maldives. The area is composed of deserted islands, with lagoons and underwater coral gardens. Heading off to an island with no one but the two of you as company would be the perfect time to do nothing but laze around and allow your every need to be indulged. There are spa offerings as well as opportunities for snorkeling, diving, underwater photography and surfing.

All it takes is a dash of resourcefulness, money, a few inquiries and most definitely, a romantic touch to make an otherwise ordinary couple’s outing the honeymoon of your dreams!

Author: Aykut Zaim

I am 55 years old and I live in Cyprus. I have a great passion about travelling and I am sharing my experiences with you. Enjoy it to the fullest.

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